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Streamline all your business processes with one system. With AFAS software, you can automate and optimize all your business processes. That way you have more time for really important things.
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Bring all your business processes into one system Underline-a-system. You only experience real efficiency and cost savings when you work with one system for all your business processes.

Work can be so much better and more fun

 In many organisations people are busy with the wrong things. Unnecessary operations, double work, error corrections are all very time-consuming and have a negative effect on quality. The mission of AFAS Software is to inspire enterprises to improve their business. AFAS does that with its software and everything it takes to use that software in such a way that higher goals can be achieved. Organisations will have extra time for matters they consider really important, such as quality and job satisfaction
What the link does
The link ensures that the invoice is directly visible in AFAS after the invoice has been confirmed in KidsKonnect. In addition the outstanding balances will be updated automatically in AFAS as soon as receivables management is executed. When you perform receivables management in AFAS, all outstanding invoice balances will be updated in KidsKonnect.
Once the link is configured, the personnel data in KidsKonnect can be synchronized with the personnel data in Afas Profit HRM. Synchronisation means that employees from AFAS who are not yet known in KidsKonnect, and their personnel data, will be imported in KidsKonnect.
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Afas en KidsKonnect

Jacco Weeda vertelt jou in deze video wat de waarde is van de samenwerking tussen KidsKonnect en Afas voor jou! Wil jij hier meer over weten?

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