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From the collaboration with ParnasSys, KidsKonnect offers the possibility to use the method Development Lines for the Young Child from Driestar Educational to follow children. This is a continuous learning path of 0-7 years, in which the first four years can be observed in KidsKonnect.
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Driestar Educatief

Saved observation forms can be shared with the parent from the KidsKonnect app, but also with ParnasSys. This way the right people are always informed about the development of the child!

See the development lines for BSO in KidsKonnect

In addition to a 0-4 method, KidsKonnect also offers the possibility to use ParnasSys' Zien method for the BSO to follow children from 4 years old. This method focuses on the social aspect, well-being and involvement. If you are an organization that is looking for a way to shape the observation of children for the BSO, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What does the link do?

From KidsKonnect it is possible to make a digital transfer to the school. When it is known which school the child goes to, it is possible to transfer the files to ParnasSys via digital transfer, so that the teacher can continue where the childcare employee left off! Of course, this transfer takes place after digital approval of the parent in KidsKonnect.

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